our history
The story of Impresa Polese
…The construction company sprang from the entrepreneurial experience of the young geometra Ruggiero Polese, whose success has been shared with other partners.

During the early 70’s Mr. Polese, an experienced surveyor, decided to further improve and expand his experience by founding a separate and independent construction company.

The favourable economical conditions of the early 70’s in connection to the flourishing political climate that envisioned ever -growing and improving public housing property developments allowed him to realize several housing projects both in the private sector, tourist property developments and in the public sector.

Close attention paid to the improvement and updating of the construction sites combined with the application of innovative technologies to industrialised and/or rationalised production processes allowed Polese S.P.A. Builders to successfully win competitive public tenders while competing with larger and more important construction companies.

The tenders were on a national level and this led the enterprise to build and develop a strong company structure. During the 80’s & 90’s many competitive public tenders were won and many projects in central northern Italy were successfully carried out and completed.

The Polese family’s entrepreneurial foresight has taken them not to overlook other sectors in the field of construction, in fact they have cultivated the passion for art and conservation. the company’s first project in Sacile actually concerned the conservation of palazzo Candiani, an 18th century edifice and at present the headquarters of the family enterprise.

Many other conservation projects in connection to the artistic and cultural heritage of Sacile were to follow together with other publicly funded projects in the Veneto region (the church of St. Catherine in Treviso) and in Friuli (the Verdi theatre in Gorizia, palazzo Flangini-Bini in Sacile, and the edifice known as the castle of San Vito al Tagliamento).

Further attention was placed on the infrastructure sector when at the start of the 80’s Polese Builders bought a minor enterprise which dealt with the development of infrastructural projects: roads, bridges, water main systems, gas pipeline systems, sewer systems, etc. Polese Builders continued their primary activity alongside this minor enterprise to then merge the two into a larger and more dynamic company, much broader in scope and perspective, general construction.

Polese Builders strengthened and broadly equipped with the new framework went on to accomplish many important projects such as the renovation works on the monumental hydroelectric power plant of Caneva originally built in 1925, highway road works on stage 26 of the A28 highway, gas pipeline works in the municipalities belonging to the “ Comunità Collinare del Livenza “ and in the area known as the “Friulian pedemontana”, as well as developing public housing for the municipality of Venice, both in the historic city centre and on mainland Venice; some of the construction projects were accomplished through the use of tender subcontracting.

Furthermore Polese Enterprise has not overlooked the local real estate market and has completed new residential housing complexes (including public housing developments) and/ or by restoring and conserving existing historical edifices.

At present the company, managed by the Polese second generation, is geared towards the new frontiers of competitive public tenders , integrated tenders and project financing.

When considering the employment of labour resources the company has always preferred utilizing company labourers and artisans thus favouring an ongoing exchange with the local know-how and environment and its acknowledged and unique tradition of construction building.

Similarly, the company has always shown a special interest in new emerging resources by investing in qualified technical experts and their training; be it for under-graduate or post-graduate trainees, through apprenticeship, parttime employment and in-company courses.

our mission

Optimize construction processes and improve the skills of our employees by meeting the needs of our customers.
Promote sustainable development, promoting mobility, improving the landscape and recovering the historic-artistic heritage.

  • Transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Competence
  • Innovation
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